LVN to BSN students in California?

  1. Hello everyone. Has anyone taken the LVN to BSN route in California? I was planning on doing the LVN to RN bridge at a local community college, but if all fails then my back up plan is LVN to BSN. Looked into West Coast University but their program cost is extreme $$$ I am waiting to talk to an admissions coordinator at another university offering this route.
    Has anyone done West Coast Univ., National University, or any other program here in CA? What were the benefits or downsides of your program? Also, how much money did you have to pay? Any feedback is greatly appreciated
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  3. by   Eradtan21
    Dont do west coast. Their classes are non transferable. I knew a girl who went to west coast and she failed. She owed $80,000, no degree and had non transferable classes.
  4. by   nocnurse1961
    Weat Coast and National University are very expensive...the least expensive I have found would be Western Govenors. I am applying to that one.
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  5. by   Nursingismypassion1
    Question. Does the non- degree RN program stay with you? Say I use that route to get to RN without a degree. Then go to a RN to BSN. Being that I further my education and got a higher degree... would that allow me to work out of California?
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