LVN Bridge at Navarro College 2018

  1. I am an LVN and I applied to the bridge program at Navarro College for 2018-19. I have read threads from previous years and wanted to start a thread for us. I am losing my mind waiting to hear if I have made it in. If you are feeling the same way or just want to chat, feel free to join in. Thank you and good luck on getting in. I look forward to hearing from my hopefully future classmates.
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  3. by   astonangie
    Has anyone gotten into the LVN bridge program for Navarro College for 2018? How did you guys score on TEAS? Are you guys out there? Corsicana? Waxahachie? Mexia? Midlothian? Texas
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  4. by   keggers
    Hiii! I applied and still waiting to hear back, have you guys heard anything yet? Have you applied for the traditional one just in case as well?! I'm going insane waiting!!
  5. by   keggers
    I got a 89 on my reading and 78 on math. WhT about you?
  6. by   astonangie
    Have not heard a thing. I got 78 on reading and 70 on math. It was a very hard test. You did very well keggers
  7. by   keggers
    Ugh! I called them earlier in the month and she said it would be sometime this month, but they also said that about December.
  8. by   astonangie
    I actually talked to Ms Shumate and Mrs Stroud. They both said by the end of January. You haven't heard from anyone else? So, you applied to the traditional ADN program also?
  9. by   keggers
    No I haven't heard from anyone else. I was thinking of applying to the regular one as well... I mean we already have all the paperwork... maybe we can tell them to submit us for the regular program as well. Hopefully we will hear back before January 31st!! Did they say if they are sending out a letter?!
  10. by   astonangie
    It appears from all of the posts I have read on here from previous years that they send an email. You are an LVN? I just don't know if I want to go a whole year more. I guess I could use the refresher, but that is so much work to go through again. But we should get easy A' s or B's since we have already been through the LVN program
  11. by   keggers
    Just an email?! I've been checking my mail like a crazy person everyday lol. Yes I'm an LVN. Yeah true :/ I don't want to take extra classes either but I'm so ready to be done with all this. Do you know if they will send an email either way.. telling us if we made or didn't make it?
  12. by   astonangie
    From what I have read they do. I don't know if they send a letter also. Some people last year even got a phone call telling them that they are about to get the email.
  13. by   keggers
    I got an email yesterday. Did you get one?
  14. by   astonangie
    No. I haven't. Did you get in?