LPN to RN in North Carolina? GTCC?

  1. Hey everyone!!! Just a warning, this is long! So just a little info about me, I graduated from an LPN program in NY last June 2011. I moved down to Greensboro, NC 2 days after graduation, took the NC boards here in August 2011, and got a job at a doctor's office within 2 days of passing. Fast forward 1 year and I am ready to go for LPN to RN! I wound up quitting my job after 6 full time months due to excessive pregnancy sickness. I am still pregnant, due in August. So in addition to the 6 months work experience, I am taking classes at GTCC. Right now I am taking PSY 150 & A&P1 as summer courses. I plan on taking A&P 2, COM 110, & ENG 112 in the fall. The packet online for the bridge program says that I need PSY 241 or 110 also, I have 110 transferred in as an A, so I'm hoping they take that.

    Now to my question. What is the minimum amount of ranked points that you have heard of people getting in with? I know they only accept 30 people, so I'm a little nervous. It starts in the summer, so I'd be applying at the end of the fall semester. I'm thinking that at that point (providing I get B's or above) I should have at least 38 points or so, just from classes, not including the TEAS or any additional points.

    I plan on also applying to Forsyth Tech & Randolph. I believe they have fall start dates though. I will have a baby and I know it will be hard, but I also have my husband and my mother will move in with us if I need her to. DTCC's program sounds great but you need at least 12 months full time experience IN a hospital or nursing home...so I figure my back-up plan if I don't get accepted to any of those schools will be to work full time at the hospital for 1 year. Does anyone know of any other programs that are worth applying to? I don't mind driving up to about 1 hour, although I'd like to stay within 35-40min from Greensboro. Any advice?
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