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  1. So I have been posting on here quite a bit the last few days, with questions about credits, and excelsior, and as I said in another thread I am not going to go through Excelsior, I decided that I just need to have the class time, where I can ask questions, its just a better fit for me.

    So here is my current situation, I have my LPN and 1 year of job experience, I am in one month moving to Korea to be with my husband for 2 years. While I am there I am going to get a job on base (if possible) working at the hospital, the hospital holds so many positions just for LPN's to ensure a fair job opportunity.

    I have been thinking of taking general ed classes while I am there, obviously the ones without the labs, to get them out of the way. After Korea we will be moving to Oahu, and be staying there hopefully the rest of his duty. I would like to go to through an LPN to RN program, but I have seen there are some trouble with them.

    My husband is from the Big Island and still currently a resident. That is where he joined from and where we will be settling down after the military, since my family and his both live there.
    The thing is I am not currently a resident since I have spend the last few years on the mainland. I will however be going back to the Big Island for my wedding in May, and was thinking it would be a good Idea to get to the DMV and register, so I establish residency over the next two years while I am in Korea.

    I would Like to go to school in Oahu since that is where he will have to finish up, but then we will move back to the Big Island. I was just wondering about the quality of the programs there, and if establishing residency now would be a good idea. Also I was wondering if anyone had information on University of Phoenix LPN to BSN program in particular.

    Mahalo for any information in advance!
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  3. by   tartar
    The university of phoenix program is fully accredited by the aacn. They meet once a week on Saturdays, and the program typically takes 2 1/2 years to complete. I believe they have cohorts that start three or four times a year.
  4. by   LadyinScrubs
    If you are going to settle in Hawaii, check with the board of nursing to see what programs/colleges are acceptable to them. No sense in doing all the work and the Hawaii BON will not accept your education. It sounds as if distant learning may be a good fit for you. When you sign up with an accreditedc distant learning nursing program, you can do your work anyplace you have access to a computer. I am with Indiana State and there are many military wives all over the world who are in the program. I am not advocating one distant learning program over an other, but distant learning LPN to ADN or LPN to RN may be a very good option for you. If you are an LVN/LPN to RN program, you do your class work on line and if there is a clinical requirement, you would follow the procedure to set up a clinical in your area. Just my 2 cents. My best to you and your family.