LPN-RN Transition Broward College 2013

  1. Hello. Just curious if there's anyone who got accepted as well. I'm so excited but I have yet to meet anyone who is also in this program for this May.
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  3. by   TheLiberation
    I didddddddddd! congrats to you as well btw
  4. by   Becca1145
    can you let me know what was your GPA and what grades you had in the science classes. my GPA is 2.8 and I got in science 3B and 1C and I am not sure if that will be good enough or if i should retake some classes.
  5. by   Butterfly6890
    Cumulative GPA is 2.0 for me but my prereq GPA is a 3.4. Which class did you receive a "C" in?
  6. by   Becca1145
    I got a C in microbiology...
  7. by   Butterfly6890
    Quote from Becca1145
    I got a C in microbiology...
    To be honest, I don't know if you should retake it. I haven't taken micro yet but it's necessary for admissions next term and beyond.
  8. by   Butterfly6890
  9. by   Butterfly6890
    Anyone have the book list for this term?
  10. by   Butterfly6890
    Site on facebook for LPN-RN students https://www.facebook.com/May2013BCLpn
  11. by   Butterfly6890
    Any LPN to RN students can look for "May 2013 Broward College LPN Trans. Students" Facebook page for information about Central Campus or to just network with fellow students.