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Any one in this program? I am looking it to it as it is the cheapest option I have found... Seems a lot like excelsior with the exception on clinicals (how do they do them?)????... Read More

  1. by   Tx Grandmaw
    Quote from 1busymaniam
    I start with the computer class. Need to look at renting the books this weekend. I have been told that Lamar will accept my Pathophysiology, transfer credit. Hope that part was accurate? I have jobs such that I can study some at work so I can still be quite domesticated at home.
    I enjoyed this class. I learned a lot but it is very time consuming.
  2. by   boydgrl
    I just finished that class, in which I do have to repeat...I am having a hard time with grasping how to study in that 2535 class. Any tips? what did you concentrate on? I also sent you a friend request
  3. by   boydgrl
    What class are you in now? I am also in the program. I have to repeat 2535. How bout you? I sent you a friend request too, btw.
  4. by   smycolor
    Boydgrl, I too have a problem with grasping and trying to learn the different techniques of the questions. I am currently doing 1423. I am trying my best to search the web and whatever else I can to help me. These classes are too expensive to keep taking over and over. I wish you well! If you figure it out please let me know.
  5. by   ~MIA~
    I am having a hard time getting a straight answer from these people on different questions I have! Very frustrating!!
  6. by   katana600
    I recommend that you find a partner to study with. Exchange phone numbers if you guys aren't local to each other. Those questions are very tricky and it seems like the most obvious answer is the answer. That is so wrong. Most times it's like the one you would not even pick. Let me know how you on your test.
  7. by   katana600
    Most of the time it's the answer you would not select. Always pay attention to the boxed information and info about the races. Such as which ethnic group is htn most prevalent in, which group ethnically is the heaviest drinker, etc they love ??? like that.
  8. by   Neurostim
    Katana600,I think we have emailed before. I ame in Tyler. If so would you please email me again at
  9. by   kimanza
    I am starting the Nursing program at Lamar State College Port Arther online September 17,2012. I am looking for a stdy partner. I live just south of Wichita Falls, Tx.
  10. by   momkolton
    I start the Bridge program for Lamar Sept 17. I live around the dallas area. Anyone intrested in studying?
  11. by   Tulip23
    @momkolton, I live in the dallas area too, looking for a study partner.
  12. by   1busymaniam
    Glad to see more Lamar State posters. I am sure there will be more postings as the semester begins. I live in Odessa and I think I am the only Lamar student in this region?
  13. by   bozman
    Hi my name is Jesse, I am looking into taking this program, I would like to talk to someone who is gong through it , What is your opinion of the program, I just enrolled in Nutrition this fall today, it was the only pre req I dd not have. Do you know how many questions are on their nursing test? Are their test timed. Do you use just one book or do yo have to use several like Excelsior? Would love some feed back. I also live in the Dallas area. Thanks.