Is my plan utter madness?

  1. Hi everyone!

    I graduate from my lvn program in may. I love school, I love the lectures and the labs and the clinicals and I love the work and I am just annoying excited about nursing. I even love the 4:15am alarm clock because it means I get to do patient care. I'm probably really annoying to be around.

    Anyway, I am super excited to be an lvn as you may have guessed but I also know that my career opportunities are limited and I want to be able to work in more an acute setting eventually. Would it be foolishness to take an anatomy or physiology class this summer while also studying for my nclex-pn? I test well, especially on standardized testing and my proctored ATI exams thus far have all been passing. Do you think either of those classes might actually supplement my nclex studying and vice versa?

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  3. by   fxmama
    I took 14 units last semester, and am taking 15 this semster... that is 4 classes each semester. During this entire time I was studying for my nclex-pn which I completed February 17th with a pass. Know yourself and what you feel comfortable doing. I was super busy since I am a mom too, but I got the best grades I have ever gotten last semester, and am doing really well this semester as well. So no you are not crazy!