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  1. How are you? Is that right place to post this? Anyway,I'm new here,so Let me introduce myself.I'm an international student here now.I came here to change my career to nursing. Then I'm male.lol I'm staying in North California now. I brought up some of my questions to you guys today.; I dont have nursing experience yet,so I just wondering I should study about PN first or RN first?because I missed to apply next semister,so Which one better you think?,because Whenever I talk to people about that I wanna study nursing,almost everybody say it's easy to get green card.I just wonder how easy to get green card here working as nurse? I heard that it's very difficult to get that thru job.:zzzzz If there's someone who knows about that kind of infor mation,Please let me know.Also I wanna be friends you guys Thanks.
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