Fresno City 2018 LVN to RN

  1. Hello everyone,

    First time posting a topic on here. I was just selected to the Fresno City College LVN to RN program that starts June 2018. Is there any other fellow LVN's who were accepted? Also any RN's that are currently in the program with any advise on what to refresh on. AAAAhhhhh Im so excited.
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  3. by   mascorro86
    I got in as well!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   Slopez7
    Me too!!! I am so excited!! I will be commuting from Modesto.
  5. by   mascorro86
    I will be commuting from Tulare.
  6. by   Slopez7
    Do you know if class begins in May or June?
  7. by   mascorro86
    June I think.
  8. by   Gracee101
    I will also be starting LVN-RN this summer at fresno city. Does anyone know how long the program is?
  9. by   mascorro86
    It's a year
  10. by   Cgarcia5
    The program is a year long. I live here in Fresno. I am so excited. Cant wait to meet you all. The program starts in June. The orientation is in April. Do any of you work? Are you studying or refreshing on material while we wait to start. How many years have you all been LVN's. Sorry for all the questions but Im so excited and cant wait.
  11. by   Cgarcia5
    A year long
  12. by   mascorro86
    I've been an LVN for 6 years and I am working full time. I'll have to figure that out lol. And I bought some pocket flash cards to start studying I'm super excited and nervous lol
  13. by   Cgarcia5
    @mascorro86 I know im super nervous too. It will be 6 years since I graduated from the program. But Ive been doing the prerequisites ever since. I work full time too. I was advised by the counselor to not work or just work one day a week. Some prior students also said to start reviewing.
  14. by   mascorro86
    I know ugh I need to figure it out. Are u going to continue to work?