Excelsior Maternal/Child Nsg for my CC bridge program?

  1. I'm an LPN getting ready to apply to a bridge program that starts this summer. I have the option of applying to enter the 2nd semester of a 4 semester program, or, I can apply to the 3rd semester of the program if I pass Excelsior's test for Nurx 220 - Maternal and Child Nursing. This is a 6 credit exam that doesn't count towards a degree at Excelsior.

    Has anyone had to do this? Do you have any pointers to help me study? I have already taken one Excelsior exam so I know how they work. I'm more interested in how heavily I should rely on Excelsior's recommended textbooks, and whether there are other good sources for this exam. Part of me is tempted to just review my LPN OB/Peds test and cross my fingers. I need a C on this exam, not an A.

    The exam does not have a practice exam available, or I would sign up for it. The practice exams are good for giving you an idea of whether you can expect to pass.
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