Calhoun LPN-RN Mobility Spring 2014

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    Are there any LPN's out there who are planning to apply to the LPN-RN Mobility program starting in Jan of 2014? Or any that have completed the online mobility program from Calhoun? I was just wondering how difficult the online program was or if there are any future students planning to apply or if you know what the average points are to get accepted. I know it changes every year, but I was just wondering if the points needed was a lot higher than the traditional ADN program? I was told most anyone with A's and B's in A&P, and Micro, with at least a 60 on the TEAS would get into the ADN Program, but I just wondered if the LPN-RN mobility was more difficult to get into...any ideas...or words of wisdom...please comment...I only have 160 points, and I am not a current Calhoun I am very worried....Thanks!
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  3. by   brittany3417
    I am in the same boat as you! Planning to apply for Spring 2014. Finishing my LPN in August 2013. 120 on TEAS but B/C in anatomy and have not completed micro. Any more info would be great as well!!
  4. by   kmariewoodall13
    Well I wish u the best of luck girl!! I'm really nervous...I don't know anyone going to Calhoun or much about the mobility program like how many LPN's they accept into their programs...or points usually needed. Maybe there will be someone else out there that has some helpful info for us!!! Keep in touch!!
  5. by   vocky1992
    I dont know either and the application was supposed to open up today to apply but thy still havent opened