1. The doctor orders penicillin V potassium oral suspension 56 mg/kg/day in four divided doses for a child who weighs 55lbs. The suspension availabale is penicillin V potassium 125mg/5ml. What is the volume for each dose?

    Order is for morphine sulfate gr 1/6. Pharmacy sends the med and it states 15mg/mL. How many mL will you give?

    The order is for aminophylline 0.5 mg/kg/hr for a patient who weighs 50 kg. The pharmacy sends and IV of 50mg of aminophylline in 250 mL D5W. How many mL/hr will the nurse set on the IV pump?

    Order is for Cefadroxil 30 mg/kg of body weight. This is for a child who weighs 44 lbs. The dose is to be divided and given every 12 hours. what is the total dose and what will you give every 12 hours?

    Order is for Elixir of Tylenol gr. V po q4h prn. Availble is Tylenol Elixir 160mg per 4 mL. How much will you give?

    The patient is to receive a continuous IV infusion of aminocaproic acid. The ordered is 1.2 g/hr. The pharmacy sends IV of 250 mL of D5NS with 15 g of amincaproic acid. How many mL/hr will you set on the IV pump?

    Order: Aminophylline 2 g in 1 L of D5W to infuse at 22 mL/hr IV. The safe dose is 0.4 mg/kg/hr. The patient weighs 121 lbs. Is the dose at the present flow rate safe?

    Ampicillin 250 mg is ordered in 25 mL of D5W to infuse in 45 minutes. What is the mL/hr to run this infusion?

    The order is for Rocephin 0.75 gm IV to an infant who weighs 21 lbs. Acceptable range is 50-75 mg/kg/dose not to exceed 2 gm per day. the pharmacy sends a premixed bag of 50 mL NS with 0.75 gm of Rocephin to run at 100 mL per hour. a)what is the minimum and maximum dose for this infant? b) Is the dose in the safe range for this infant? c) How long will it take to infuse the medication?

    The physician orders a feeding of 2/3 strength Jevity per PEG tube at a rate of 50 mL/hr. The Jevity comes in cans of 240 mL. How much water will you add to the amount in one can to make it 2/3 strength?

    It has been forever since I have been in school and now am going for my RN. This is a refresher and am wondering how to solve them. Thank You.
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