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  1. Hello All,

    I am new to this forum and was just looking on some information. I am currently back in school for the first time in nearly 4 years after having my son. Last semester I received my CNA and I am looking to continue my education and I was looking for some information. I am trying to decide if I should apply directly for the RN program or if I should do the LPN-RN bridge program? I have heard that the LPN is less competitive to get into and once I graduate that it will allow me to bridge into the second semester of the RN program. Has anybody had any experience with this?

    I'm hesitant to apply for the RN program because I heard it was a lot more competitive.

    One last question, what did you all use to study for the NLN? I need to start studying so I can take my test over the summer to apply for the LPN program! Thanks for any information!
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  3. by   EmmaPeel
    Hey there, fellow BCTCian. I went to the last conference this past Friday and it was packed. Just took the NLN this morning and altho the book does help you out quite a bit, it was hard for me to understand why the emphasis on some things was so dramatic. For instance, electrical currents. Without going into too much detail, there was question after question about ammeters and electrical currents. Silly me, I studied up on my anatomy and physiology, thinking, well, you know--nursing exam. Started with reading comp and then vocab which flew by timewise, then into math which was by far the best part for me because I finished confident and on time, then onto science which I finished early, surprisingly. I walked into the testing center at roughly 8:40AM or so, started the exam around 9 and was in my car on the way home at 10:30 or 11 somehow. But I'm still raw about the EE component. I'm just going to check my scores in a couple of hours when they are available, and deal with it. I want to do the RN program but at BCTC they are only taking 90 students, as opposed to the LPN which is taking more, but starts next spring. If I don't get into the RN program, I'm going to try for the LPN and do the bridge. You can apply for both and at a number of colleges simultaneously--you will just need extra copies of things like transcripts, etc. My advisor told me a lot of people hedge their bets by applying to both RN and LPN.