Austin Community College Alternate Entry Spring 2013

  1. Hey everyone. Just wondering if there are any other students here applying to ACC's Alternate Entry? I applied back in August and am dying waiting to know if there are going to be spots. I graduated from ACC's LVN program back in December. Right now I am taking BSN pre-reqs but I really miss nursing classes. A friend is in the Alt Entry now and says they took about 6 or 7 LVN students for the Fall. That makes me really optimistic for Spring. Anyway, hope to connect with a few other students.
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  3. by   texasRN_14
    Well the deadline has now passed and Tammy said we should find out in November.

    Anyone else here? Anyone?..... Bueller?
  4. by   emsalazar77
    Im graduating from the LVN program this December and plan to hopefully jump right into the Alt entry program. I am curious of what to expect as far as waiting goes. I know that spots are dependent on "new openings" in the ADN second semester. Do you mind giving an update as to your progress? what helped or didnt help? Thanks in advance
  5. by   texasRN_14
    Hey there sorry for the long wait for a reply. I was able to get right in to the alt entry track. I graduated from the LVN program in Dec 2011, applied for Alt entry in August 2012 and was accepted for the Spring 13 semester. I have two other alt entry students in my class one graduated from LVN in May 2012 and the other December 2012- so they really didn't have to wait at all. I had to wait until August bc I still needed to take one pre-req. if you have all the pre-reqs done and had good grades in the LVN program you should get right in (you have to have An A/B avg to be 2nd LVN priority and a C avg you are 4th priority for admission) I start level 4 this spring and I am so ready to be done. Let me know if you have further questions!
  6. by   texasRN_14
    Oh and they only lost 1or 2 ppl from first semester but admitted three LVN students for my campus at CEC. I know one LVN student is at RRC
  7. by   esalazar77
    Thank you so much. It turns out i had to withdraw after level 3 bc of a car accident, but i got right back into level 4 in Jan. I grad in May. So now I have to take stats :/ i am taking it in the summer but i still want to apply by the May deadline. I need to call Tammy to see if that is going to be ok. i hope so. I want to be done!!
  8. by   texasRN_14
    Sorry to hear that! Hope you're doing better. Stats isn't too bad. If you have pm's, I can tell you a fabulous professor to take
  9. by   esalazar77
    how do i set up the PM thing?