1. Hi nurses! I graduated from LPN school earlier this month and I'm currently wrapping up pre-reqs for the RN transition at St. Pete College. Now that I've sat down and thought about everything, I'm starting to wonder what I should do. I get my AA this spring which opens up some possibilities for me and has made me even more confused! I guess I'm curious as to which option is best? Any advice would be appreciated!
    -Option #1: Complete RN pre-reqs (and AA), apply to SPC's LPN-RN transition, and start by Fall 2010, be finished by Summer 2011. Then, bridge over to SPC's RN-BSN program, which is online, 18 months. 40 credits.
    -Option #2: RN-ASN from SPC, then bridge over to USF's RN-MSN program, which awards a BSN in 15 credits as long as it is followed by the Master's program of your choice (I'm leaning towards CRNA, 7 semesters). Or, forgo the MSN, bridge to BSN, 30 credits online.
    -Option #3: Forgo SPC and the ASN altogether and apply directly into USF's RN BSN program, which is 6 semesters fulltime. 72 credits. I would finish by Spring 2013, the same time as I would if I bridged over from the ASN.

    GPA is not really an issue at this point (fingers crossed), but money is. I have a grant that will cover it but obviously university tuition is more expensive than community college. Pell grant will cover all of community college tuition but not so much with USF. Still, I'm just wondering if it's worth it to just go ahead and get my BSN now? I'd be an RN sooner from SPC, obviously, whereas with USF I'd have to work as an LPN for longer. And I do need to work, unfortunately. What do you all think?
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  3. by   Erindel RN
    Hi, I think u should get ur adn and then work as an rn while u get ur bsn onl
    ine. That is what I plan to do.
  4. by   RossayRN
    It depends on what you want to do . If you want to do advanced practice I'd just go that route and get it over with instead of constantly re enrolling in school every year to year and a half. Might be cheaper to do it that way too.