Anybody take the LPN Step Exam / ATI test?

  1. Just curious has anybody taken this exam? I saw a site that offers the ATI Practice Assessment for $25, but I'm not sure if it is necessary.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   ClearBlueOctoberSky
    I just graduated from Concorde. They provided the ATI practice program for us. If you saw one for only 25 dollars, be wary about it. The program costs around 348.00. I think you would be just fine utilizing NCLEX Review books like Saunders and Lippincott, and Mosby. Try getting them off of Amazon.
  4. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I took it last Friday but will be taking it for another school next month. I didnt get the online practice thing for 25, I just looked over my NCLEX LPN review book and my notes from LPN school.

    I felt pretty good about it when it was over so we'll see!!

    Thanks again for your feedback
  5. by   jimthorp
    My school required us to pass numerous ATI exams throughout the program. From what I remember they are very much like the NCLEX-PN exam.
  6. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Quote from jimthorp
    my school required us to pass numerous ati exams throughout the program. from what i remember they are very much like the nclex-pn exam.
    yes, i noticed that too! thanks jimthorp for your feedback.

    happy holidays!
  7. by   ClearBlueOctoberSky
    Good luck. And Happy Holidays.
  8. by   LPN2day_RNasap
    Thanks same to you! Now I'm Just waiting for my scores ambgirl2nurse
  9. by   DLO, BSN, RN
    I took it today. It is very similar to the NCLEX-PN. I bought the "Exam CRAM: NCLEX-PN" and read maybe half of it and then realized, "I either know it or don't". I ended up scoring a 73%.