Albany State University LPN to RN

  1. Hello Nurses,

    Is anyone in the Atlanta area going to Albany State University (formerly Darton) going to the bridge program this summer 2018?
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  3. by   Kennesaw1
    Hello idasavealife ,
    I was accepted into the bridge program for the summer 2018 intake. Admissions is still giving me the run around about proof of residence etc and orientation is on May 21st , so I was told. I'm nervous that this may affect everything.
    How's it going for you?
  4. by   idasavealife
    Hello Kennesaw1,
    Sorry for late reply. Yes, I had been getting run arounds with financial aid. Everything should be worked out now though. Hope everything is worked out on your end now? Are you located in Kennesaw?
  5. by   Kennesaw1
    Hello , it's okay.
    I'm kind of still in a crunch but the admissions director assured me that all will be well. I have to take a math accuplacer test tomorrow... wish me luck ! Lol .
    I'm glad everything is going well for you. Way to go!

    Yes I live in kennesaw, I'm hoping to see you on Tuesday because I plan on being there .