about online LPN TO RN program

  1. i see online there are many program about LPN TO RN. can i get RN from online course? because i think we are suppose to have many lab course, so how online lesson can do this? thank you!
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  3. by   nerdtonurse?
    before you do anything, go to your state BON and see what's allowed. A lot of the states (like mine) have clamped down on the ability to use programs like Excelsior -- Georgia and several other states will not allow you to sit for the boards, and if you are an Excelsior grad, won't accept your credentials and grant you a license, even if you have one in another state (I was going to take the boards in another state, and then get my license in my home state). I asked my state BON what the deal was -- were they getting an inordinate amount of complaints on nurses from these programs? When I asked them why nurses working in critical care areas had to go back and take "how to make a bed 101" classess, they said, and I quote, "that's the way we did it."

    Told me everything I ever needed to know about my state's BON.
  4. by   TimBukWho?
    The program at Pratt Community College (www.prattcc.edu) is online. But......you do have to do clinicals in person. The theory portion is completed at the beginning of the 2 semesters. The last 6 weeks are spent in Kansas completing the clinicals. Generally the clinicals are held in 2 locations, Wichita and Topeka/Kansas City. They have several out of state students this semester from as far as Florida, North Carolina, Colorado, and Missouri. It is very inexpensive (about $2000/semester for out of state with books costing about $500-600 each semester). The have a very good info packet if you are interested in their program. It can be accessed online on the Pratt CC website. All states accept their program, because you do have clinicals in person preceptored by an instructor from the college. Kansas State Board of Nursing is *very* picky about allowing distance learning, so Pratt CC had to comply with their rigorous rules.

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do.
  5. by   futurebsngraduate
    Hey I'm new to this website and I am about to start my Lpn class soon. I am planning ahead and already looking into Lpn to rn online classes and came across Pratt. My current gpa is only 2.2 in the nursing pre req but I am currently in 2 of the pre req classes and I still have 2 more to go. I did get a A or B in A&P and was wanting to know from any current students any advice they would give me to increase my chances on getting into the program. I also wanted to know other current students overall gpa's and teas scores.