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I had a 3.9 gpa. I had no problem with my NCLEX (done in 83 questions, that made logical sense~most that is-ha) and have been working as a lpn for over 3 years now. My school says I have to take a hesi before I enter the rn transition program. I have taken the hesi twice and have not passed twice. I did better each time but still did not get the 850 required. The last time I took the test was in the head administators office and afterwards we talked about my frustration. They claimed that I should not be studing the lpn nclex or lpn reviews. They said I should study the RN NCLEX for the rn boards-I really don't get it. Why would I know the rn material when I am trying to become a rn and have not had that education yet. I go to school in MILWAUKEE..you can guess where. Bless all of you that say it was easy...and I'll pray for the most of us that face this highly questionable test...especially that I am a lic.PN and have passed my NCLEX already. What review, for those of you that passed this type of hesi test situation, should I be reviewing? A friend said saunders helped them, but which one the lpn or rn? THANKS this is what I feel like


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The problem with being a practicing LPN for so long is you kind of forget that the right answer in the real world is not always the right answer on an exam. Instructors were always reminding us to think like we're in the NCLEX hospital, not the real world.

I had to take the HESI Exit Exam with a passing grade to graduate and used Evolve Reach (by HESI) study guide for the exit exam and to study for the NCLEX.

Here's what I would recommend: http://www.amazon.com/Evolve-Reach-Admission-Assessment-Review/dp/1416056351 It's by HESI and might help you out.