LPN to RN Distance learning question


Hello everyone!

I am new to this board and ful of questions!

I am an LPN, graduated in Canada 15 years ago and I want to go on to get my RN.

I have contacted Rue but after reading many negative things about them, I am wondering if I did the right thing?

I also checked out Excelsior college but I failed to see where they can do distance learning for a nurse in Indiana???

I would appreciate any help/suggestions that anyone can give.

Thanks a bunch!!!


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They do not give degrees. They only sell guides for you to pass Excelsior's exams, and some CLEP exams. Personally I use Rue guides (Bought of ebay, and yahoo groups) Never singed a contract with them. After studying with Chancellors and College Networks....Rue is more detailed. The other two are just condensed information. I don't feel personally I would have passed or got the "A"'s I have earned with Chancellors or college network alone. I treat them as "notes" after I do my Rue workbook. Buy some workbooks off ebay for less, to see what you like! I paid $135 for NC 1-7 and micro guides, and about $125 for all the books, plus some excelsior recommended. Much better than $3000-6000!


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Rue is only a publishing company as melody said they do not give degrees. Excelsior is the actual college. With a couple of well chosen books bought at a discount through ebay or one of the yahoo study sites such as rnstudygroup and nontradnures site and the files and study notes from the previous mentioned yahoo sites you will have all that you need including awesome support. Rue material is not in itself bad it is just an unnecessary expense. My study partner from work purchased in and then a couple of us joined her and help her pay for them. Honestly though the seth tests and other notes from the previously mentioned sites along with the free excelsior content guide you have all you need without Rue. As far as I know Indiania accepts excelsior If I am wrong someone please let me know. Good Luck.