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Hey everyone, I'll be applying for the LPN-RN  program at the Stanton, Delaware Tech. Just curious to see who is applying or who has applied and has some insight to share. I am so anxious about getting in! They only accept 8. This information is coming from the Nursing dept. 

For those who did get in what was your points? How are you doing now?

Is anyone currently at Dover campus?

Has anyone ever applied to the LPN program at the Owens campus? Do you know how many students they accept at a time?

Hi everyone,

Is this a two year program for LPN's?  I saw accelerated somewhere on the website.

I thinks it’s 3 semesters

Hi there, 

I recently inquired about Del Tech's LPN program. I was given the Spring 2023 course outline. The program is 4 semesters and you must earn at least 39 credits.  The classes are in the daytime, which makes it difficult for me since, I work during the day and am a single mom. ? My teenage daughter is currently in the RN track program which is 5 semesters. She has just about finished all the classes she needed to take before prayerfully getting accepted into the actual nursing program, she will have 7 nursing classes along with labs and clinicals, and must pass the NCLEX. That is my understanding of DelTechs LPN and  RN programs.

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