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Hi! I am constantly getting told that I do not need to consider LPN because it's a waste of time and I'm limiting where I am going to be working. It looks like I. My area company's are definitley hiring for that and no, it's not just nursing homes. I originally wanted to go for my ADN to just go ahead and do RN but after speaking with an advisor I can't see how that's possible. I have a specific community college in mind and I have been going on and off since 2015 but never actually complelted anything. I kept changing my mind on what degree I wanted. I have a bunch of classes and credits that won't amount to anything. I am 26. I have a15 month old and a husband. I make 20 an hour right now with really no room for advancement. Both In my job title and with my pay. 

I want more than a high school diploma. And there is no way I can do the RN program right off because according to the advisor firstly I would have to take three math classes and human an and p before I could even apply. But the main issue is that there are only day classes. That's the only option. The LPN program doesn't require any prerequisites they recommend medical terminology but it's not required. They have day classes with a program that will be done in 12 months. That isn't an option for me because I work during the day. The night program they ONLY do nights and weekends but only on even years. Which is odd to me but okay. It's the only program that will let me work and get an education. The night program takes 18 months. Rather than 12. 

my question is this. Should I suck it up and change to a night job to allow me to go into nursing ADN or go ahead with LPN so that I can work right away and gain experience? I want to hear from actual nurses on what path sounds better. I can't not work I have to provide for my child and my husband doesn't make enough to support everything alone. It sucks and I wish I had thought about nursing straight out of high school when I had no bills and kids.

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