LPN to RN bridge program


Looking for bridge programs for LPN to RN in WV. Work a lot so need just part time. Really don't do well with online school, can do some, but do better hands on. Any one know of some pointers to guide me.


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I went to Pratt Community College, Pratt, KS. They have a bridge for Paramedics and LPNs to go to nursing school.

Myself and several other students were from out of state. I realize you said you don't do well with online school; I don't really care for it, either. But it is the reality, and I've had to learn how to make it work for me.

In my class, 6 of us were Medics in the beginning and the rest were all LPNs. We met together for some in-person lab days and for clinicals. The didactic portions were all completed via lecture/ required reading. It was actually much better than ANY of the other "online" classes I've taken: the Pratt instructors were available by phone/ email, and we also got to know them face-face while meeting for clinicals and lab days.

Hutchinson Community College, Hutchinson, KS, also has a bridge program that is very similar.

Moving from Paramedic to RN, I only found a few choices. I talked to a lot of colleges that had had a bridge in the past, or were considering one. Being an LPN already I should think you would have a lot more options.

Happy hunting.