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LPN to RN Bridge Program Georgia

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I am currently an LPN in the state of Georgia. I graduated in 2011. I am a previous high school drop out. I dropped out of school in the 9th grade. I went back to school and earned my GED in 2001. I literally have no high school education. Almost everything I have learned I learned as an adult. Nursing school was so hard for me. I know it was this difficult for all of the other girls too. The class started with 33 I believe and only 9 graduated. Some weeks we would have 2-3 tests. The one big mistake I made during nursing school was to simply memorize the information for the sake of passing the test. Since I have started working in the nursing field I have noticed there are so many areas I am deficient in. I do not know if this is due to lack of experience or things I just simply missed in school. Now I am confused as to which route I should take. I am currently looking at schools trying to decide whether I should bridge or start over. I listed below some of the things I feel I am very proficient in. I think I am mostly lacking book knowledge.

Below is a list of things I have experience with:

Blood draws

IV'S (Limited)


Ear irrigations

Trach suctioning, insertion, and cleaning



Vital Signs

Blood sugar checks

I just wanted some other nurses opinions on what track they think would be best. I have been working the whole time since I have graduated, but training with a good caring nurse is few and far between. Also I have a hard time applying my knowledge as well. I have seen some nurses who can recognize a symptom and know to test for that condition. One example would be we had a patient in the clinic who peed all over the floor. So they instantly obtained a finger stick on him. It was over 1000. I learned about all of these symptoms in school and remember those. But it did not occur to me to check that. At what point do you learn to apply book knowledge in real world experiences.


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Hi! Don't sell your self short, if you feel you need a remedial then do the traditional route, however I've worked with people who have way more years of experience and still are unskilled! Until you start school try investing your skill set in the areas you feel weak YouTube is a great resource, if lines need to be started volunteer to assist and don't be shy about asking for help its not a weakness