LPN program open advising Monday. What questions should I ask

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about the program?

I was all set to get my ADN -academic career all planned out, but life has a way of changing the best laid plans. The best option for me now is to get into the Spring LPN class which is 3 semesters long and then articulate for the ADN. It's only 3 more nursing classes, I checked.

Plan is to work as an LPN while finishing up those last three classes for my ADN. I'll still have my ADN the same year as originally planned, the difference being that I'll be able to bring in some income - maybe 2 12's a week? - a year earlier than if I stay in the ADN program.

Anyhow, I'm switching gears all of a sudden and have a chance to go and speak with the LPN coordinator Monday morning. I only found out I could do this yesterday, so I'm kind of panicking about making my list of questions.

I don't want to forget anything because after Monday, the woman will be out of office until Aug 15 or something like that.

What questions should I be asking about the program?

Were there any questions you wish you had asked before hand?

What would you have liked to have know going into the program that you didn't know?

Oh, and is it odd that the clinicals in this LPN program are held only during the last 5 weeks of school? I would have thought that while studying certain areas, there would be clincals to go along with that specific area, but what do I know?

Can anybody help?

What are the important questions to ask? The meeting is at 10 monday (tomorrow)

Thanks for any suggestions!


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I'd definitely ask about the clinicals. I'd tell her I had planned to go ADN initially, but that my plans changed and ask her what differences there would be in the LPN program (I assume you checked out the ADN program pretty carefully).

What the requirements would be--educationally, vaccinationally (yeah, I know that's not a word, but it's really late here), etc. Do they offer assistance in finding a job? Maybe what the job opportunities would be?

I'd probably tell her I wasn't sure what to ask about the program; was there anything else that she could think of that would be pertinent.

There's probably nothing here you haven't already thought of, but good luck tomorrow and I hope your new path to nursing works well for you :).

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