LPN or do Pre-Reqs + MSN-RN?


Hi there! I'm 46 years old with a non-nursing bachelor's degree who works full time as a health coach. It's my dream to become a nurse - and one day an NP! I've been waffling on starting nursing school forever and have let the pre-reqs hold me back from just going for it. I'm ready now ... but ambivalent in terms of whether to a one year LPN diploma program I can do while working full-time and then continue from there to become an RN ... or if I should do the pre-reqs for MSN-RN programs while I'm working and then go that path. I believe I will have to stop working while I'm in an MSN program for 18-24 months, whereas with doing the LPN and bridging, I could - in theory - work the whole time. I am responsible for the health insurance in our family at this time, and pre-exisiting conditions keep us out of anything even remotely economical - so employer insurance is a must for us. 

I'm lured by the instant gratification of the LPN program - no pre-reqs and I'm already accepted ...plus there's something about the step-by-step approach that makes sense to me as someone w/ a non-nursing undergrad degree - although I have worked in wellness, mental healthcare (residential & outpatient), and now in a remote health care setting. 

This is versus feeling in limbo doing the pre-reqs ... having to wait until those are finished to start an MSN-RN program. I would only do one class at a time and need them all - at the minimum Stats, Biochem, Microbio, A&P 1+2.

Any thoughts out there as to which path to take? Do the LPN and become a nurse as fast as possible and go from there? Or be patient while I do the pre-reqs and figure out how to be a full-time nursing student when that time comes? I am also concerned that bridging to RN isn't as "easy" as one might intuitively think it would be ...those pre-reqs are going to have be done at some point LOL. (Which - I want to add - I am EXCITED about now ... just really want all the info before I commit to either path.)

Appreciate you all in advance!