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I have been looking at different schools in the Portland area. I have checked out the different nursing programs at the various community colleges and the colleges which offer nursing here also. I thought about going to Mt. Hood and I may still go that route. I'm a LPN and I want to get my RN. Mt. Hood Community College has the LPN to RN program, and it's less expensive than the 4 year colleges. Plus I have most of the prereqs, just a couple to go.

Last night I was checking out a few schools and remembered Walla Walla College has a nursing program. I lived in College Place, Washington, while my late husband received his Masters in Social Work there. Gorgeous college. I had applied to go to school there, then decided to go the community college route, and received my LPN at Walla Walla Community College.

I discovered that Walla Walla College, Portland campus has the LPN Plus Option. I can get my BSN in two years.

Has anyone on Allnurses attended Walla Walla College, College Place or the Portland campus or is attending? What do you think of the program? Do you recommend WWC? Would I need to take an entrance test? Any information would be helpful. I plan to visit the campus later this week on my day off.


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