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LPN new career options

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Ive been an LPN for almost ten years and really struggle staying in nursing. Ive done everything from LTC/SNF, home care, chemical dependency/mental health, ADON in a treatment center. I have been thinking of leaving the field for a long time and reached a point where Im actively planning an exit strategy. I know there are not many jobs that will pay what I make (about 50k a year) without some additional schooling. Knowing that Ive applied for many jobs knowing I'll take a pay cut, but its like when they see my experience no one outside of the medical field will hire me...for anything! I mean I couldnt even get hired in call center part time during the holidays. I desperately want to leave nursing/healthcare all together, does anyone have any suggestions on how to make my experience attractive to a non nursing employer? Ive tried to research but all the information seems to be catered toward RNs that are looking to transition. TIA

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