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Hey everyone i am going to apply for all three nursing programs and i was wanting to know whos all applying and how many points do you have or if you got in last year how many points did you have?? were you able to do it and still work?? which would you suggest?? thanks in advance :)

Hello! I plan on apply to metro tech as a back up in case I don't get into any RN programs. I currently have 47 points and I plan on taking the critical thinking test in the next month. Have you already taken the critical thinking test? Hope to hear back from you!


Has 2 years experience.

So, did either of you apply and get in anywhere? I'll be in the daytime class at Moore Norman starting in Aug.

No I didn't, I got accepted to Rose State's nursing program! But congratulations on starting at Moore Norman! : )

Hi! I was offered and accepted a spot at Metrotech which starts school next month! I'm nervous and excited! Good luck to you both í ½í²œ

Hey guys!

Good luck with the applications! If you need CPR certification prior to entering the program, I wanted to offer you my information. I live in Yukon, and I currently offer the American Heart Association's Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers course. Courses can be held at our training site or your home, place of business, school, church....just about anywhere on your schedule. I offer individual and group sessions.

Call me at (405) 999-6644 for course availability and rates. Thanks!


Can you tell me about your experience about the tests you took at Metro Tech?

Hey hows everyone doing?