Working before licensed

  1. If I am hired by a hospital or clinic before I pass the NCLEx and am licensed, what can I and can't I do on the job?
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  3. by   Jolie
    You need to direct this question to your school advisor and/or the State BON, because the answer varies from state to state.

    Some states have a category known as a Graduate Nurse (GN), which enables a new grad to begin employment as a prefessional nurse while awaiting NCLEX. For the most part, GNs function in the role of the professional nurse, with a few restrictions, such as not being allowed to be in charge or work alone without the presence of another fully-licensed nurse.

    Once the GN receives NCLEX results, his/her status will either change to RN or LPN (pass) or loss of practivce privileges (fail). A GN who fails NCLEX must notify his/her employer immediately and stop practicing in a professional capacity. In this situation, some employers will keep the employee as a non-licensed care giver such as a nurse assistant or patient care tech until s/he takes NCLEX and passes.

    Some states have done away with GN status and don't allow a new grad any professional practice privileges until NCLEX is taken and passed. In that case, your work options are limited to nurse assistant or patient care tech.

    If you live in a state that allows GNs to practice, I highly suggest you do so. It is my opinion that working as a professional nurse is the best NCLEX preparation available, and it pays well

    Good luck!
  4. by   ptaylor2
    well i think that will depend on what state you are in. i live in florida and i got hired on as a gpn at my local hospital. i was able do everything under another nurses supervision. so good luck!! working in the hospital really helped me get prepared for boards. especially knowing the meds.