The Last Minute Shuffle!

  1. Has anyone felt like me? I'm paying for my schooling out of pocket, and I still have to find uniforms in my size, complete my physical, and wait for my kit, name tag and previously ordered uniforms to come in.

    This is my shuffle.

    Friday morning, I was up and out the door at 730, to take my fiancee to work. I rushed to school, 45min away, to buy books. I stopped at my facility to see if my special order of uniforms were in. If they're not the number, or color, I can't buy it. Sadly, they were not. Never fear! My favorite uniform shop was near by. They ran out of my size in the color i needed. I ended up buying some nursing shoes and hosery. Bummed, I called my mom, to send me numbers of shops.

    I pick up my fiancee around 1230, and we have lunch. I had a doctor's appointment at 1415. During lunch, I called all the uniform shops and they were out of my size as well. Stressing out to no belief, my fiancee calmed me down as we left for my doctors. I walk in to them telling me I had no appointment, and then sending me to a lab to draw blood. They always drew my blood and had me come in a few days later for reading. I couldn't make an appointment so I went Saturday morning. After waiting for almost 2 hours, they tell me i need my insurance card.

    I never been to another facility, so it was information I could have used before I signed in. I had to be at work at 12, so I went home, with my stress level a 10.5.

    Today, I had to cancel my appointment with my doctor, and went to the lab at 0620, and was home enough time to enjoy my coffee before i make my calls. My doctor's office doesn't seem to understand how urgent i need my physical done, but has agreed to fax over some information to another health care facility to complete my physical. Only after my mom got sour with them, in a nice way though.

    I emailed my instructor and told her this is very unprofessional of me to be late on a deadline, but after paying my tuition and books, out of pocket, I had to wait for my payday (last week) to complete many tasks.

    If any soon to be students are reading this, please learn from my mistake. Right now, the program is very strict, and I am praying my instructor will not throw me out and say "try again next year".

    Thanks you for reading, its been a mess. Class starts bright and early tomorrw, and I'm still excited.
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  3. by   Kikikins
    Hang in there HeiseC!

    I'm in a similar position, self-paying for the entire program ($12K and counting), plus getting the DF to school (today was his first day). I tried to schedule his courses to sync with my schedule so we can share the commute -- unfortunately he registered so late that we could only get MWF to match my schedule, T and H are going to be quite the challenge! The uniform store lacked the uniforms in my size & color so I had to order everything save for one pair of pants. Then after they arrive I have to tailor them down to fit me. I still have no shoes or a lab coat, but I am combing the Internet for something that will suit.

    I still owe $1150 of tuition I should have had in but the check I requested last week the bookkeeper dated it for this coming Wednesday despite expressly telling her that I needed it dated for today. I have yet to get my physical since I wanted to get all my other ducks in a row financially and I have no health insurance. I did purchase my books but the physical ones have yet to arrive, luckily my homework can be completed with just my digital textbooks.

    It may come easier for some and harder for others but just remember it is your experience and achievements that will shape the nurse you will become. I don't have children, I didn't have to sell my car to pay for school, or need to quit my job, or have to go part-time to make it work -- there's people in my class who have had to do some of those things. We all bleed a little for our dreams right?
  4. by   HeiseC
    I agree. I actually worked some things out, so that it won't hurt me so bad. I agree with your statement about we bleed a little for our dreams. I've lost more than just blood during this whole year. I'm a ADN student drop out, who didn't realize that this is what I want. It broke my heart to see some things in ICU and I couldn't do anything but sweep under the desk at the Nurse's station.

    I have litterally fought and crawled through the tangled mess that is called life, to be this far. I can survive another year of this mess just to see the big picture. When I graduate, my life will no longer be, a day i work or the day I don't have to work. It will be, actual day's of the week. I'm so excited it hurts. I'm also nervous but its nerves that i think all students have. I've never given an IM, or a PPD (as LPN I don't think that is in our scope) but its still kind of exciting and scary to know that everyday, you are around some of the strongest people in our community, and their life, is in our kind and loving hands.

    I do wish you the best of luck! Thank you so much for joining my shuffel! I love posting here, because when I feel alone, I know that someone out there reads this and I don't feel so alone anymore.
  5. by   Crazed
    In our program you have to have health insurance.

    I think our program does a good job of laying out time frames for us and is very clear on when we need to complete physicals, clearance, uniforms etc.

    I am not paying for school out of pocket myself (as there would be no way I could afford it) but I have amassed a lovely pile of student loans just aching to be paid back.

    I always think that out of a large program I can't be the only one who (got that problem wrong, is late on something, didn't hand in all of my paperwork, etc) so it allows me a moment of clarity.

    Good luck and congratulations!