TCAT Ripley~Spring 2018

  1. I recently submitted my application for the January 2018 LPN class @TCAT Ripley. Has anyone else applied and waiting acceptance also???
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  3. by   s2bLuluRN
    I applied and was accepted to the Hartsville TCAT for their LPN program that starts January 3rd. I know it's a different location but have been told that they run on similar schedules. When was the deadline for applications to be in? Ours was October 6th and I received my acceptance letter on 10/23.
  4. by   PrettyMed_
    Our deadline is November 16 and the class will begin on January 3 as well. Were you notified through email or regular mail?
  5. by   PrettyMed_
    Congratulations by the way.
  6. by   s2bLuluRN
    Thank you! And I was notified through mail. Good luck!
  7. by   nursepower87
    im waiting to see if i got in to ripley as well. lord my fingers are crossed!!!
  8. by   PrettyMed_
    My fingers & toes are crossed lol. I'm guessing we want hear anything until around the first week of December since Thanksgiving is approaching. Hopefully it will be sooner.
  9. by   nursepower87
    yeah, im so ready!!!!!
  10. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    I'm waiting to see if I got into Ripley too. They say we will know something next week as far as the mandatory orientation we have to attend
  11. by   PrettyMed_
    Okay great! I was about to call tomorrow and ask.
  12. by   A.hill
    I'm waiting as well to see if I get accepted into tcat Ripley
  13. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    Anybody heard anything yet
  14. by   PrettyMed_
    Nope ,not yet. I'm tired of waiting I just need a yes or no.