School supplies for LVN program

  1. This is so weird, but FUN!! I've been buying school supplies for my kids for the past 18 yrs, but now I'm buying for me! In 14 days I start my program. I'm making a list of what I will need to start with and I'd like to know what has helped you the most in class and at home studying? Do students take laptops and recorders to class? Do I need my own bp cuff, stethescope etc.? Ideas, advise, tips would be wonderful! Thanks!!
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    I'm curious to know as well.
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    I asked this same question right before I started my LPN program in January, and now I am 2 months from graduation and it went soo fast!! I had no idea what to buy, but I'll give you a few suggesstions because shopping for the stuff is exciting
    - make sure you have a bag that is strong enough to hold heavy books. Your med-surg book will be heavy by itself, especially when you add about 5 more. haha. Plus, the instructors are good at suprising you one day with a book you wasnt expecting to get and youll need room
    - it also wouldnt hurt to have another bag that you just keep for clinicals. Not huge like the other, but enough to carry whatever youll need for your day. With my clinicals, we have to bring everyday our evaluation folders, our stethoscope + bp cuff, name tag, watch, paper, pens, a highlighter, and a nursing book or two incase there is downtime. ALWAYS keep your watch and name tag in your bag so you never forget it! Some of my class mates were sent home to fetch one or the other if they forgot one.
    - Yes, most likely you will need your own stethoscope/bp cuff unless your school provides it. I use them everyday at clinicals and practicing on classmates. Youll use the ones at the hospital if they are isolation rooms.
    - I have my own folder and notebook for each class. Because you will ge lots of notes and handouts, and you wont want to get them mixed up! You will need them to study for tests! I would also suggest getting a book that you use solely to keep trackof your grades, just so you will know where you are at grade wise at all times.
    - Get a lunch box, too! Eating out five days a week will have you broke in no time, I found that out, haha. Take snacks as well.
    - Plenty of pencils, pens in black, and highlighters! You will highlight sooo mmuch.
    - Index cards if that is your perferred way to study meds That is what most of us use

    That is all I can think of now, but if I think of anything else, I'll post!

    Congrats and good luck!! This is gonna be a great year for you!!!
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    OMG thank you so much