San Jacinto College LVN Spring 2017

  1. Hi everyone! Has anybody applied for the LVN program for the spring? This is the first time me trying to apply for the LVN program. I've been trying for the ADN program but is becoming more competitive and hard to get in, so this time I'm going to try for LVN as well but would like to know what has been their acceptance score and so on.
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  3. by   mnclpz11
    Hi I am in the same position I have tryed to apply 3 times before to rn central and the competition is tough. I applied to the lvn program at south campus how about you?
  4. by   vanessa0710
    I did too right when they opened up the application. The deadline was just Thursday so hope they don't take long to let us know. I
    am so anxious to know already. They were saying that it won't be until sometime in October but hopefully its sooner.
  5. by   mnclpz11
    Yeah I am just really exited to start ......did you apply to rn as well or just lvn?
  6. by   evaf1089
    This is my first time applying to the program. I heard that the lvn program is pretty good at San Jac. I wanted to apply to the Rn program, but it's so competitive, and I can't waste anymore time waiting around. Now they waiting game begins I feel so anxious.
  7. by   vanessa0710
    I applied for both the LVN and the RN but I feel like I might have a better chance to the LVN than the RN because its becoming harder and harder to get in to the RN. I've been trying for the past year or so and still nothing. I regret not ever applying to the LVN because who knows I could've had been accepted and done with the program and just transition straight from LVN to BSN. Can't wait to find out! I really hope I have good look on this one and hope you all do too.
  8. by   mnclpz11
    Yeah I am in the same situation at the moment I have waited for to long so I just want to start....good luck ....I am sure the lvn program is gonna send notices first. ...
  9. by   fibroblast
    I applied at San Jac. Do you know how many applicants there were?
  10. by   vanessa0710
    I have no idea but I am going to call Monday and check. I just hope they don't really take all the way up to October to let us know something :/
  11. by   fibroblast
    I went to the info session and he said the number of applicants have gone down and they said about 75% chance of getting in. I hope I get in. I have a few screw ups on my gpa.
  12. by   Adabekee
    I applied, and went to the LVN orientation in the South campus. The admission board will be holding the meeting at the end of September and they will be choosing the best candidates to accept into the program. I am praying hard that I get accepted in the first week of October. At the orientation, it was stated that 60 applicants is the maximum, but in the last admission process, they only accepted 48 applicants. phew ...
  13. by   vanessa0710
    I heard the same thing when I went and turned in my application last month they said that they accept about 60 but they don't always get that many of applicants. I have a good feeling about it though. I just checked online yesterday and they also opened up the application at the north campus. I am going to go turn it in over there as well tomorrow.
  14. by   mnclpz11
    Hi good morning,

    My family is planning a family reunion next summer but I have no idea how the lvn program is as far as semesters. For the people that went to the information session do you guys know? I couldn't make it to the info session.