Question!!! About a LVN program near Socal...

  1. Hello Guys and Gals!!! I wanted to know about a school called Downey Adult school in Downey. I have search this site about the school but I'm not getting any recent posts about it. Do any1 have any info about this adult school. Like personal experiences I should say. I have scheduled a orientation date and test date for the school(TABE) in Sept.
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  3. by   Puddin2day
    If you can, get a book at the library or the bookstore that will help you study for the TABE. I have taken their test. You need not only how to do the problems, but how to do them very quickly. For example, for the math applications test , you will have 25 mins to complete 30 questions. Say if you are unable to finish a section (because the entire test is timed) but you have finished another section early and want to go back to finish the section that you did not finish; the proctor will not allow you to do that. When time is up with a particular section of the test, that is final, no go backs.

    Downey Adult School has a very high rate of students passing the NCLEX exam for the first time around. You can check the state website for that. Google "CA LVN Nursing Boards" and you should find the site easily.

    About 2 weeks after all of the exams have been taken (approx.) they will tell you when to check the website to check for the top 60 students test scores (and who can move on to phase 2- the Pre-LVN class). Either your name will on that list or it won't ... no grey area on that.

    I took DAS test earlier this year and did not pass, but I did pass Hacienda La Puente's test so I am eligible for their Pre-Nursing class.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   Jessica5792
    Thank you so much on that feedback that really meant alot to me but the other school you mentioned where is the school located at. Also with downey is their test(tabe) hard and you say u didnt make the pre vn course right?