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  1. So I have 100 questions homework due today and Im having problems with a few. Can someone please help me out with these.

    A patient presents with a score throat and mouth, swollen tongue, and inflammation of the face. This patient could be suffering from A. riboflavin deficiency B. niacin deficiency C. excessive folic acid D excessive ascorbic acid. I think B or D

    Patient is seen for complaining of very dark, orange-yellow urine. He has no burning sensation, or any other symptoms. Urinalysis doesn't show infection. What is probably causing this? A. lack of adequate hydration B.a diet that includes vitamin B2 C. excessive amounts of food containing vitamin K D. failing to use the bathroom at regular intervals. I think A or D

    Baby Smith just had a hepatitis A vaccination. What mild reactions might the parents expect for their child? A. fatigue and fever B. joint pain and headache C. crying,diarrhea and vomiting D. pain in the jaw, stiffness, rash. I think A

    Which one on the following treatment routes is use for allergic rhinitis? A. tablet B. IV solution C.nasal preparation D.suppository I think A or C

    A patient was recently diagnosed with Hodgkins disease. Which one of the following antieoplastics might be prescribed. A alkylating agent B. Antimetabolite C. immunosuppressant D. mitotic inhibitor I think A or B

    Patient was diagnosed with anxiety. they be be prescribed a/an? A. anabolic steroid B. progestin C. minor tranquilizer D. depressant

    patient has been prescribed Aristocort 4 mg po every am. This prescription may be for. A. influenza B. UTI C. bursitis D. oral lesions I think C
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  3. by   JennaJonRN
    These answers are all available by doing Google Searches OR using any pharmacology program or resource.

    If someone tells you the answer, you learn nothing: if you search for the answer yourself, you learn lots.

    Time to begin to use those critical thinking skills!