PDA in LPN Program?

  1. I tried searching but I keep getting the same "no results" when I press send however I was just wondering if it would be a benefit to have a PDA during my LPN program? I am all about going green and think it would be a good way to keep alot of information in one place in lue of toting thick books around. Anyone care to weigh in or point me to threads that are already discussing this? Thanks!
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  3. by   KTeacher2Nursing
    Thanks to Google I found the place where I was reading preciously about PDA's in Nursing School. However, I still havent seen if anyone has used one during their LPN program.
  4. by   whippoorwill
    I use a iPod Touch....I love it
  5. by   fwardlaw147
    My nursing program does not allow me to use my pda in class, but I find it helps me to make use of my time better when I am not in class. For example, I can study and make flash cards on my breaks at work without people seeing a bunch of books lying around. Also, I can listen to recordings about nursing topics during my commute to and from places. etc.... There where even times I was grateful that I could surf the internet to find data that was not in Taber's. I love it.
  6. by   tothepointeLVN
    I am just finishing up LVn school this week. I used a PDA all through and it gave me an edge. A palm then I lost it so I just added apps to my iphone. Makes clinicals easier since you can look up diseases and drugs and abbreviations quicker and look like a rockstar to your clinical instructor

    I see no reason not to use one in lpn school. You still have to know all the diseases and drugs and terms etc