nursing student wants to take LPN in US. Is it possible?

  1. im currently a nursing student here in the philippines, but i have to leave for US on april. im on my 4th year BSN but i wont be able to graduate due to some Minor subjects. does anybody know if i can take the LPN certification in US? because its obvious that im still not able to take NCLEX-RN. please help me. thank you
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  3. by   kakalika
    Not a very easy process. You will need to find a school first and communicate with them. Then you will need to get an I-20 from the school. In order to get the I-20, you may have to prove you can support yourself in school and cater to your living expenses. Then you use your I-20 to apply for a student visa.

    I was a B.S. Biology graduate in the Philippines and took second course BSN nursing.I did not finished nursing class because the visa to the states was ready. As soon as i have the green card i started inquiring community college, University etc...but each school has different requirements....My degree in Biology was recognized as well as some nursing credits but then some school wanted me to repeat minors and even majors like anatomy, physiology etc... and My GOD those are my major in biology!!!, well after you will take those pre reqs...youll go through the waiting list just to be in the proper nursing....

    I wanted to work so i applied as a CNA, they pay me while in training for 11 days, took the test and got the licence.

    While earning i dont want to go through all those minors and majors again ..i stayed and work as a CNA...

    I tried many schools all of them accepted me but then again repetition for all the pre reqs is one thing i do not want to go through again. I tried to look for LPN Program not from community colleges and University this time but from any Technical or Vocational school....There were only 2 Vocational school one is 1 hour and half drive away..and the other one will be open this April and only 30 sudents are accepted...

    I kept searching till i came across with one school , it is from the other State but the tution is way cheaper than what we have here...They only have a 7000 tuition while the one i had inquire here are 22,000 and 24000 so even if i rent for 4000 a month i still save...and most importantlyl it is only 10 months while the in my place is 12 months and the other one is 1 year and half...

    I got an acceptance letter last 21, 2007 and class will start this Sept..

    I wish you can finish BSN way back home and just take NCLEX here. As thats what i regret most.

    With regards to your main concern, please go directly to the board of nursing to the State where you are heading and direct your questions to them.

    Best of Luck!

    I am excited..

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