Nervous about Pharm.

  1. I just finished up my first term for LPN. I received one A, two B's and a C (only a point away from a B though ) I am VERY busy. I telecommute and transcribe for a doc which is my almost full time job from home. I have six kids who I homeschool (I know, I probably should be crazy in the head, but we're used to hs'ing as we've done it for 8 years). Next term we start Pharm, Life Span, Nursing Fundamentals II and clinical II. I am VERY nervous I will not be able to get through Pharm because of the math. It's not my strong suit at all.

    Anyone have insights into getting through Pharm?
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  3. by   eyesopen_mouthshut
    I think the hardest part about pharm is just learning the contraindications and sigs of the meds... what exactly are you worried about when it comes to math? is it the percentages? if you want to pm me, I can give you some pointers... I was a pharm tech before and during the time I was a CNA, and I just finished Orgo Chem II, so I'm right there with you-- I was so stressed! But I will gladly help you out with some pointers, just let me know specifically what you're worried about

    Also, you're my hero LOL! My fiance and I are waiting until I finish school to have a baby, because I don't think I could ever have enough focus for school AND my baby... so keep going, Mrs. Heroine!!!!
  4. by   missnurse01
    i remember pharm being less about math and more about studying how the meds worked. We took a doseage calc test each semester and that was all the math we did.