1. Hi there,
    Just wondering if anyone has found a great chart or something online that has information involving needle gauge, size, and corresponding use? As in you'd use this gauge/this size/ with this type of med/patient/etc.. Does that make sense? The text we have for this is very jumbled and stresses me out as none of it appear to be in plain english. lol.
    Thanks for your help!
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  3. by   dah doh
    I don't know about an official chart, but we only stock a few sizes in our unit so this is practical use in the adult population. 25 gauge 5/8" - for sub-q or intradermal injection. 23 gauge 1", 22 gauge 1.5", 21 gauge (don't recall length) - IM injections (length chosen depends on patient size). 18 gauge 1" or 1.5" - used to reconstitute medications & mix in IV bags. Hope this helps...