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  1. Hi everyone, I need some feedback on a recent decision I made. I enrolled at Brown Mackie for the LPN program in Akron many months ago and lasted a month and a half. the cost was too much, I ended up being ineligible for financial aid. The other students asked the same questions over and over, the work felt so unchallenging, you could tell the teachers weren't happy, all the other students were always late because they were getting breakfast. the second month we were all banned from the cafetaria at the satellite site for being too loud. So, as I was eating my lunch in the women's room, I thought "I have to go elsewhere". :angryfire I'm starting at a part time program in the fall. Part of me feels horrible for quiting BMC just because it was an awful place, because I'd have my license by now, the other half couldn't leave fast enough. Plus, since then I have seen some awful reviews on BMC. So tell me what you think. Did I make a horrible mistake or was I smart to leave with most of my money and sanity? Thanks guys
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