LPN program @ Maricopa Skill Center AZ

  1. I received a letter of acceptance to the LPN program in MSC AZ. I can't wait for the orientation. I am hoping there are students from previous batch who attended this program, willing to share there experience. I would like to know what is the schedule like, what books are used (so that I can buy ahead of time or rent @ chegg), uniform? any input is appreciate
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  3. by   Breanna18
    I also received a letter of acceptance to MSC. Are you starting July 19th? I know I was wanting to find out more info. It is very limited as far as the application packet goes. I feel kind of clueless about the program and I'm excited for the orientation.
  4. by   juliusmyn
    Yes, two more weeks for the orientation. I am so excited. How long did you have to wait to be placed in this program?
  5. by   Breanna18
    I turned in my application in May and they called and said I was placed for November. Then they called a few weeks later and said they had placement for July available. So I didnt wait long at all. I also turned in my application to Gateway, but the wait was until January if I was lucky. They had so many people waiting for placement. I can't wait for the orientation. I just want to know all the info already. Did it take long for you to be placed?
  6. by   jaccipearl
    I am applying to the MSC LPN program in August 2011 and was wondering if you knew how many applicants they accept per term? or how many people were in your class? any other helpful information you'd like to throw in would be appreciated as well thank you.
  7. by   TeamSteven01
    From what I researched, its about 40 people that get accepted, and the rest get put on the waiting list for the next term? I'd love to know about how many people apply though
  8. by   jaccipearl
    I read on another post that there were 1400 applicants! I don't know if that sounds realistic though.
  9. by   TeamSteven01
    hmm, IDK that seems like a lot. not saying youre wrong or anything, but WOW