Lincoln Tech in Connecticut

  1. Hello to all the students out there!

    I am wondering if there are any students starting the LPN program at Lincoln Tech in CT this Monday?
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  3. by   Michael_Espelin
    Guess it's just me from Lincoln Tech in CT!
  4. by   Dani13
    My daughter and I start Lincoln Tech (Shelton) in Sept.We could of started March 14th, but I already had summer vacation planned and was informed I couldn't miss that many days from school. I have quite a few friends who graduated the program and are doing well!
    Good luck to you!!!
  5. by   andrea7902
    Hi Michael,

    Just wondering how the LPN program has been because I'm starting in October and I'm starting to get very nervous. (it's ewxpensive and I certainly don't want to fail and be in that much debt!)
  6. by   pleniesha
    Hi Dani, I'm going to meet with admissions on Tues. Glad to hear that you and your daughter are starting the program. That's a great move for your family! Since you have quite a few friends that have completed the shelton program....maybe you'll be able to answer some questions. Did you/they get full FA/Scholarships or did they have to pay while in the program? If so, how much are you required to pay back? Where are the clinicals mostly? Now the big one...I'm working p/t evening...were any of them working? Are you and your daughter working while attending the program? Apologies for the host of ?? So excited to start a program and anxious at the same time!
  7. by   Princess Mama
    I decided against Lincoln Tech but did talk to fiancial aid there & was told no one goes with out some type of personal loan/payment plan to the school & the average is over $20k in loans.
  8. by   pleniesha
    Thank you for your info Princess Mama!
  9. by   Princess Mama
    You're welcome.