Just registerd and I need some advice?

  1. i just registered for fall quarter at my local community college. i am just taking a math and english class i need as part of my prerequisites. i am also signed up for my sociology 101 which is for my rn degree down the road. i am sort of curious if i should go back and ask to switch my sociology 101 for a class that goes towards my lpn degree or if my college advisor made the best call?

    i have gone threw a 50ish page book on the federal aid but i can’t really understand if i can use any of those programs? pretty much im 21 i live at home and i haven’t been able to find a job for about 2 years. the economy is has been horrible here for the last 2 years. anyway does anyone know if the federal programs only take into account my financial situation or if they will only look at my parent’s pay scale? i don’t know what my dad makes but hes your average middle class tax bracket lol.i am also kind of stumped on how to pay for all of this. my parents are going to help with my first quarter to get me started but im on the hook for everything else. i am not sure how federal student aid and student loans work.

    i am also thinking about student loans that aren’t from the government. i have been to a few sites and they seem to require that its for a 4 year + college program. right now i am going for a lpn then rn degree after words so i can't don't qualify for those right? are there student loans for community colleges and aa degrees available to me? also should i look for a loan from a large bank that i would find online or should i try a small community credit union in my area first?

    thanks for any advice given
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  3. by   pharmgirl
    First off, congrats on your decision to go to school. Secondly, as far as the classes, I would take the advice of your advisor, however, I would have thought that you would be concentrating on pre-reqs for your LPN since you are taking that route first then later take RN prereqs but I'm not an advisor and don't know your school.

    Thirdly, as far as paying for school. You will have to fill out a FAFSA, which will tell you how much money the government will grant you for your education. That form is based on income from your parents since you are living at home etc. http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ There is the website for that. It is a mandatory form that is the first step for pretty much any and all financial aid

    Your financial aid advisor should be able to direct you to student loans. I'm currently using Stafford loans which do not base on credit score and you are not responsible for any interest accruing while you are in school. Oh and btw, I'm going to a community college to get my Associates Degree in Nursing so, yes, there is aid out there for cc and adn. Check with your financial aid office, they are a wealth of information and may even be able to point you in a direction that you didn't think of. That's their job and what they are there for.

    Good Luck to you!!
  4. by   NamasteNurse
    Great news that you are going to school. Unfortunately they will use your parents income at your age. I know it totally stinks! My son is in college and we can't help him at all since I've been out of work for 3 years and he uses his dads income for forms and such. I am remarried and believe it or not they even use his STEP dads income! They go by total household income, completely unfair. My son has taken out loans, but you do need to do the fafsa as stated above. You may be eligible for some state grants and they will tell you when the fafsa is processed. Best of luck