Just got my NET scores!! I'm doin' a happy dance!! Come share my joy with me!

  1. :spin: I have been watching out the door for the mail woman for the past week and a half. I took the NET test 2 weeks ago from yesterday and have been waiting for my results. Well, I got the results today. The average composite percentile is a 50 out of 100. I got a 99 out of 100!! Woot woot!! I'm so thrilled. Getting into the LPN Program I am looking into considers the NET Score for 87 percent of the total in getting into the program. The other 13 percent is the 3 reference letters...which I had turned in last Fall from previous employers. I haven't seen those letters, because I waived my right to see them so that the employer could be completely honest, and they mailed the letter to the school directly. I don't think they would be bad though. I was an honest and diligent employee. Anway, this school only accepts 25 students per year!! I am hoping I am one of them!! Getting a good grade on the NET is definitely a step in the right direction!! I'm so relieved as I turned down the slot at the private college where I was accepted because tuition for the LPN Program was over $20,000 per year, in hopes of getting a slot at this cheaper, technical college.

    My scores were:
    Math/Algebra: 94
    Reading Comprehension: 92
    Composite Percentage: 93
    Composite Percentile: 99

    The first time I took the NET it was for the private college and I took it on a computer and got my results within minutes. For this technical college, I took the paper/scantron version and had to wait for my scores. It was a long 15 days!!

    Shew, now all I have to do is get accepted!! I was told acceptance letters will go out some time in April. More waiting....and I am so anxious!!
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  3. by   LindseyLou2222
    WooooHoo! Way to go
  4. by   dampeer
    You are well on your way. Conrats to you! Keep up the good work!