I just can't choose between preceptorships

  1. so I only have a couple months left in my LPN program. This is the part where we go out and find out own Intern/preceptorships. I currently have two options that are basically a go, I just have to choose which one i want. that's the problem lol.

    one of them is at a dialysis clinic. I have some experience because i hook my dad up to his home hemo 6 days a week. and I do have interest, my main interest in the category is transplant though. but i figured this could be a foot in the door.

    then there is a cardio office. I dont have quite as much interest, although i think i would learn alot! and honestly so many people have some form of cardiac disease. I really think it could be a good experience.

    so those two are the ones that i have spoken to, and all i have to do is have them sign the papers.

    BUT, I am also very drawn to OB/newborn. which surprised me a bit. I didn't really have interest when i chose nursing in the first place. Another place, was ICU. I had a clinical day in teh ICU and i fell in LOVE. however, i do realize that these two most likely look for RNs (which i plan on getting ASAP).

    so anyway, sorry so long. I just can't seem to choose! any advice, help, anything?
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    I would go with the cardio, anything new you can learn is better for you and if you already have some background thru your dad..... Open all the doors you can. You have to be an RN to work in any hospitals here so the other positions you seem to be interested in depending on where you live are not even options for you just yet. Good luck