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  1. How to study for nursing school
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  3. by   imhorsemackerel
    There are so many ways, but you need to find the method that works for you. Group study can be good and bad. Make sure the group is small (maybe 3-5) and the people involved can focus without too much side chatting. Each time you meet, you need a goal. Perhaps everyone will "teach" a topic to the group? There's a saying that you truly know something if you can teach it to someone else.

    I tend to be very visual and like repetition. I tend to write and rewrite my notes. First I'll look at the chapter and take notes. After lecture I'll compile the additional notes, powerpoints, whatever else may help. If I have the time, I'll then put everything into two-column notes.

    I don't always find flashcards helpful. They're not the most practical if you have stacks and stacks of them. But I find they're helpful for remembering labs or quick facts about diseases or meds.

    There are many videos on youtube that go into detail. There's also Khan Academy that's also free, and they have plenty of videos that can help with anatomy and med-surge.

    I have a friend who would record herself explaining concepts in ways she understood. While she was driving to school, work and clinical, that's all she played in the car.

    There are just so many ways to study. It's hard for anyone to tell you how to do it.