How I passed my second semester of LPN school

  1. wow, It has been a while since I post anything my semester was hectic...foundations of nursing with clinical rotation, pharmacology and med surg with med knowledge was no joke but I made it. so this is how nursing school is to me READ READ READ everything do not skim through your chapters. I will tell you youtube (micheal linares)big help to see skills and great with medsurg. my grades are good so far but I start med-surgII,medsurgIII and medsurgIV and with med knowledge and pharmacology. Yes, pharmacology follows you until school is over we are allowed to use calculators now but I had to pass foundations first. Foundations was a struggle for a lot of my class even me until I figured out the concept. If you have past medical experience as a CNA forget your work experience all of your test will be patient to nurse scenario? not what you would do or have seen at work, answer the question from the knowledge of the book there are 2 definitely wrong answer and 2 right answer however you have to choose the best answer. when you learn Maslow needs of hierarchy this is your tool and learn how to prioritize (ABC) so read your questions thoroughly one word can make you choose the wrong answer. I didn't not use any of my power points that my teacher gave none of us did its just and outline all the information is in text. Now as for as pharmacology you have to practice we had to do it all by hand in the beginning until we got to med-surg. so med surg is going back to you anatomy and physiology yes im sure you may know how the body works and heart pumps but med surg is all the disorders when these organs does not function properly and adults is not as hard as peds but some systems go hand in hand. Med knowledge is learning the drugs with each system. I used really big flash cards and its a memory game I carry those cards every where. I hope this helps some of you some of you who are confused. if you have question I will try my best to ask them best I can. As you have read school is hard work but the pay off is worth having so buckle down and keep the determinationand stay away from negative classmates
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  3. by   BeeU_RN
    Thank you for all of the advice! It's nice to see a real life experience of an LPN student, so all of us newbies know what to expect.
  4. by   Cynt87
    Thanks for sharing. I start January 13th. Nervous beyond words.
  5. by   LetItBe329
    Dont be nervous Cynt, be excited. Be confident!!!!