Holy Name Hospital LPN in Teaneck, NJ

  1. Has anyone graduated from Holy Name Hospital Practical Nursing in Teaneck, NJ??
    I'm going to apply to HNH LPN program for Fall 2011 and I'd like to know the class schedule. I heard it's a great program.
    I found some threads saying it's a 12 month, Day program. I also checked out the school website, but doesn't say about class schedule.

    *What time do classes usually start and end?
    *How many days do you go to school? (lecture and clinical)
    *Will I be able to work? at least a part-time job.

    I would really appreciate. Thank you!!
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  3. by   jerseygirl68

    I was planning on applying here. I hear the program is good . But they only take a handful of students per year . I think the class size is about 15-20 students. They would not take my any of my college courses that I got all A's in . So they were scratched off my list . All that hard work for nothing .. no way

    I looked into the Eastwick college in Ramsey . They start a new class every 3 months and will take all college courses . The atmosphere was pretty nice . I think this is my option .

    Good Luck ..
  4. by   skim11

    Thank you for your reply. Yeah, I also decided not to go to Holy Name. The tuition is too much.... Btw, I didn't know they don't take any college credits. Thanks for the info! I applied Essex and Union County LPN and am still waiting for the acceptance. Wish you luck!