HELP! I need tips for studying certain LVN classes

  1. I am abt to begin the LVN program in JUNE. I am super excited & nervous because I know the classes are going to be difficult and some people do not pass the program and Nclex. If there are any tips that anyone can give me to studying for different classes for example (A&P, Pharmacology, Med Surg. ect.) please tell me. Also tell me what classes i should study very hard! I'm just trying to finish with flying colors & further my carreer to an RN afterwards!
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  3. by   nursetobe745
    Hello Malika 06
    I just graduated and passed my board, so lpn school is still fresh in my mind.
    Well what I can say is everyone has its own way. Few things that helped me was flash card, the one I bought and those I made myself. Plus it is important to read everyday, no matter how little time you have. Anyhow you will find what works for you.
    As for the classes, give your best to every class, because it all come together at the end. Of course you will need extra concentration for classes like pharmacology and med/surg.
    You will get through it, don't worry.
  4. by   nurs4lyfe
    Flash Cards are great for every makes it easy to study anywhere. in the car, at lunch, at the park with the kids, grocery store, bank, anywhere....and in Nursing school all that studying is needed. I found it easier to take notes in my actual text book. Im not sure if you can write in your book or not, but sumtimes its easier to take addition notes then to write down what's already in the book. Ive found taking a computer to class is a lot easier then handwriting ur notes. One thing I did in my anatomy class was record your lectures. That worked very well for people who do better listening then writing notes. I would listen to the lecture in class and then listen again at home and take notes while at home. BUT PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS IN THE SCHOOL POLICY because some schools do not allow recored lectures. You will do great, study study study and u will do fine.
  5. by   Malika06
    Thanks ladies!! I really appreciate it!
  6. by   rawrrr
    yes flash cards are amazing to study with! the best thing is just to read the chapter before the lecture. It helps out a ton! I haven't had pharmacology yet, but for anatomy I printed out blank pictures of the skeletal system and the muscular system and filled them in with each name. Doing it over and over again really helped! Same with the abdominal organs (appendix, liver etc..) now I know exactly where everything is!
  7. by   nurse630
    Quote from rawrrr
    but for anatomy I printed out blank pictures of the skeletal system and the muscular system and filled them in with each name.
    I've been looking for some of these! Im not very satisfied with the few blank ones I've found. Do you have the link for where you found yours?
  8. by   mermcm83
    Everyone is different, but what made me successful was to study and read to Know! Not simply to pass the test. The more you understand the concept, the better you will be at answering questions even if you don't have a clue. Know how this info can help you take care of your patient, ask yourself that every time you prepare to answer questions. God Bless, I take my state boards tomorrow!